Why Jefferson Prescott?

So You’ve Decided to Run! Do You Have the Right Inside Connections?

Deciding on a campaign means evaluating your own constraints and identifying exactly what you want to get out of a political campaign experience, as well as thinking about how the experience would fit into strengthening your effectiveness for your future.

Current Successful Elections Hinge on a Candidate’s Popularity?

Ask yourself, how much have you planned ahead to win your election?

We have come to an age in politics that the most popular candidates are more likely to foster the highest competitive environments for winning an election.


Carving out your Campaign Plan requires the expertise of our Consultants.

You need a team like Jefferson Prescott to help you initiate and chart your PR, Branding and tactical strategy for outreach and engagement as “pre-planning” at least 1 to 2 years before you announce your Candidacy.

The Jefferson Prescott Consulting team has extensive experience working with volunteer organizations and committees, planning and conducting community of color engagement efforts and campaigns and impeccable relationship development skills. Our team has developed close, meaningful connections with Colorado’s elected Officials, Faith Allies and Thought Leaders. We have a proven track record for implementation of strategy developments and delivery methods that enhance political campaigns dramatically.

Routine is comfortable. Experience lies. But numbers always reveal the truth. In a landscape of commission-driven consultants, and projects dominated by individuals managing according to “what-has-always-been-done,” our dedication to provable methods backed by quantitative data sets us apart and gives you the winning edge.

Constellation is about more than cranking out the same series of activities and advertisements over and over again, client after client. Our goal is to see our clients campaigns run intelligently. While we provide the full suite of services necessary to target, persuade and turn people out, our focus and our expertise all stem from our emphasis on data. We never recommend strategies that have not been shown to succeed through careful, unbiased analysis of the numbers.

We provide more than campaign management, more than planning and design. Constellation provides the power to know.

Project Deliverables

Our goal is to inject our Clients into the heart of the community by marketing, networking and building positive relationships with referral sources, making strategic calls and by identifying key Black Leaders for endorsements and additional support. We will educate appropriate professional community referral sources in all areas of community outreach by strategically navigating public opinion to build support for your campaign. Our proven strategy for this campaign includes the following and more as needed.

✔ Attending Community of Color networking events

✔ Speaking engagements

✔ Community Events Ambassador

✔ Managing Campaign Booth for events

✔ Planning/setting up marketing/fundraising events

✔ Provide outreach and marketing and promotional support

✔ Outreach and Engagement through Grassroots Ground game is pivotal for Black Community belief and support. Following is a list of Outreach Deliverables:

Detailed Connection Introductions

Introductions to and pertinent background information of members of the African-American Community throughout the State.

Event Creation

Marketing/Networking events to learn more about aspects of the African- American Community.

Community Event Foresight

Networking opportunities to develop support within the African-American Community and fundraising opportunities.

Expected Results

Jefferson Prescott will operate as the Black Community relationship support that will facilitate the ability for your Campaign to manage key relationships with African American allies, donors and elected officials. We enjoy helping political campaigns meet the challenge of acquiring the needed knowledge and understanding of the African American community concerns and needs. We expect our strategic solutions for your Campaign requirements to provide the following results:

Campaign Benefits

Result #1: Building lasting community relationships in the entire Black and African Communities

Result #2: Improving Cultural brand awareness

Result #3: Developing strategic social media connections

Result #4: Solidifying relationships with Black Community Influencers

Result #5: Facilitating communication opportunities amongst diverse community groups

Result #6: Comprehending the needs under-served neighborhoods that vote

Result #7: Understanding of factors that influence racial disparity

Result #8: Mastering campaign messaging for improving social and economic inequity issues for African- Americans, Women and other Communities of Color

Jefferson Prescott will have maximized the potential for success in the African American Community for our Client Nationwide.

Community Outreach and Engagement Qualifications

The managing partners of Jefferson Prescott Consulting are continually proven to be industry leaders for community outreach and engagement in the following ways:

✔ Managing Partner, Portia Prescott – Honored by the Colorado Democratic State Party as Volunteer of the Year 2018

✔ Managing Partner, Mary Jefferson – Honored by the The Democratic Party of Denver as Volunteer of the Year 2019

✔ Strategist Experts on multiple winning campaigns

✔ Major part of African American Political community for decades

✔ Involvement in local and state Democratic activities and initiatives

✔ Experienced in building coalitions and fostering strong relationships

✔ Expert Event-Based outreach Strategists for all types of clients, non-profits and campaigns Leadership since 2013 in the African American Initiative for the Colorado Democratic Party