About Us

For Decades our owners, Mary Jefferson and Portia Prescott have partnered with dozens of nonprofits and leaders in the African American Community throughout the state of Colorado. They both have a combined 40+ years of experience at every level of outreach, on the campaign trail to boardrooms and political initiatives. They work closely with clients to define objectives, set goals, educate staff and achieve winning outcomes. They bring innovative strategies and execution to the ever evolving campaign climate.

Portia Prescott and Mary Jefferson – Managing Partners

Portia Prescott

Mary Jefferson

We are embedded in both the Community of Color and Political Arena, Locally, Statewide and Nationally.

Delivering Engagement

Unleash the Power of Your Campaign

Uncover Engagements

A truly outreach driven approach allows you to uncover weaknesses you didn’t even know you had. We collaboratively develop and implement a comprehensive strategic plan to grow and deepen our client’s connection with Community leaders, faith allies, and partner organizations to identify areas for collaboration and participation. By carefully tracking organization yearly policy concern and events we recommend to our client’s opportunities for engagement.

Relationship Approach

Outreach and Engagement through Grassroots Ground game is pivotal to any concerted effort. We help develop a plan to better involve and incorporate feedback from community agencies, faith allies, and those directly who can help gain more endorsements and support.

We don’t believe in doing things just because that’s how it’s always been done. Our experience in engagement and grassroots allows us to think differently, applying result driven solutions to problems.

Objective Obtained

Because we are constantly working to improve our clients’ performance and because we consistently measure success, we are never blindsided by unfavorable outcomes.

Our mission is to provide our client with the best service available; service that gives foundation for moving public opinion, educating staff members, increasing donors, raising profiles and guiding clients through difficult times.

What Jefferson Prescott Provides

The Power of Execution

Ask yourself, are you marketing 10 times more than your competition?

Our execution strategy incorporates proven methodologies, extremely qualified community leadership personnel, and a highly responsive approach to managing deliverables. We are responsible for coordinating, developing, initiating, implementing and executing strategies as they relate to mobilizing community support for client’s campaign. We act as the key to establish and maintain community networks for disseminating information, encourage support, fundraising and advocacy for our clients.

Jefferson Prescott provides more than campaign management, more than planning and design. We provide the power of knowing vs guessing. Our goal is to see our client’s campaigns run smoothly and intelligently. While we provide the full suite of services necessary to target, persuade and turn people out, our focus and our expertise all stem from our emphasis on Outreach. We never recommend strategies that have not been shown to succeed through careful, unbiased study of community and policy trends.