What We Do

✔ Strategize

✔ Consult

✔ Digital Media

✔ People Power

✔ Political Director at Hand

Community Marketing Directives

Having the right team members in place makes all the difference in a political campaign. Jefferson Prescott blends marketing, business development and grassroots’ outreach methodologies as our core advantage for knowledge of diverse groups and their sensitivity on cultural platform issues. We will act as the Campaign Cultivation Strategists to help provide support and direction for Outreach Competency and Cultural differences designed to increase Client’s campaign awareness of inequity issues for diverse communities.

We work as a liaison closely with the Campaign leadership team to ensure strategic use of digital media to enable constant engagement with community members. We strong experienced Digital Marketing Strategists who can help develop and implement marketing strategies for campaign branding. Our team helps improve current strategies, making sure client objectives are met, cultivating a strong relationship between client and community, identifying lacking issues, and performing market research. Our marketing strategies showcase assets such as marketing expertise, an interest in digital technologies, networking, communication, computer proficiency, creative flair, and project management skills. Our digital marketing team keeps the campaign fire burning.

No two campaigns execute their strategies in exactly the same way but we review extensively the needs for your campaign and feel our unique process for Cultural communication branding will differentiate you from your competitors. Since the needs of a campaign are vast and varied, our service approach is based on flexibility and is tailored to your requirements as needed.

We look forward to working with you on your campaign and supporting your efforts to improve your strategic outreach. We are confident that we can meet the challenges ahead and stand ready to partner with you in delivering an effective political outreach support solution.

Lead Generation

Internet Research, Referrals, Social Media, Cold Calling, Inbound Calls, Email Marketing, and Networking Events


Direct Mail, Radio, Television, Billboards, Signs, Websites, Social Media, Data (voter, consumer, business and donor data) Polling, Robo-calls, Live Calls, Walk Lists and Consulting.

Project Management and Consulting

Strategic planning, opposition, demographic, and issue based research, platform and micro-targeting, scheduling and planning media buys, fundraising.

Client Management

I handle all aspects of client relations from cultivating the lead, first point of contact, pitching the programs, closing the deals, upselling, invoicing, set up and design, completion of the project and client follow ups.

Communications Strategy

✔ Social Media, Email Marketing and Networking Events

✔ Project Management and Consulting

✔ Strategic planning, opposition, demographic, and issue based research

✔ Campaign Platform, micro-targeting and fundraising